Xiayin Dang

From Literary History to ’Soul of History’: Constructing ‘Zhang Chengzhi’ in Sublime and Divine Narration

Puck Engmann   (China Studies)

Shanghai’s Dispossessed – Resurrecting the Old Bourgeoisie after the Cultural Revolution

Antonio Farfán-Vallespín (International Economic Policy)

Decentralization and Public Service Delivery in Indonesia

Anna Fünfgeld (International Relations)

Contested Hegemonies: Energy Politics in Indonesia and Brazil in the Era of Climate Change (working title)

Olmo Gölz  (Islamic Studies)

Men of Disorder

Gerrit Gonschorek (Economics)

Differential Transfers in Indonesia

Matthias Grönig (China Studies)

Chinas Großmachtstreben und -repräsentation seit der Ära Deng Xiaoping

Xuyang Huo (International Business Law)

Gesellschaftervertrag im chinesischen Gesellschafts- und Investitionsrecht aus vergleichender Sicht

Stefani Jürries (China Studies)

Sinocentric Asia? Concepts of "Asia" in Chineses Historiography (1895-1949)

Jana Kapitz (China Studies)

Ausländerinnen und Ausländer in der Volksrepublik China - Vorurteile, Stereotypen und Rassismus innerhalb der chinesischen Bevölkerung. Eine empirische Analyse

Peter Kesselburg (China Studies)

Chinesische Handelsbeziehungen mit nordlaotischen und nordvietnamesischen Provinz- und Kreisregierungen in der Reform-Ära

Erdem-Undrakh Khurelbaatar (Max-Plank Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law)

Das mongolische strafrechtliche Sanktionensystem aus der Sicht des deutschen Strafrechts

Paritosha Kobbe (Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Network Culture: Social Integration in Minangkabau Communities

Jia Kui (Max-Plank Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law)

Häusliche Gewalt - Eine vergleichende Untersuchung der häuslichen Gewalt in Deutschland und China

Meng-Chi Lien (Max-Plank Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law)

Victim-Offender Mediation and the Role of the Public Prosecutor

Jing Lin (Max-Plank Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law)

Compliance and Money Laundering Control by Banking Institutions in China: Self Control, Administrative Control and Penal Control

Mirjam Lücking  (Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Ideas of the “Arab World” in Indonesia – Perceptions and Experiences of Working Migrants and Pilgrims

Agni Malagina (History)

The "West" from the view of Chinese Diaspora: Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

Chaiwatt Mansrisuk (International Relations)

Paradox of Success: Authoritarian Legacies and the Problems of Democratization in Thailand

Sara Merdian (Islamic Studies)

Daniel Metzger (International Business Law)

Rechtliche Herausforderungen chinesischer Investitionen in Deutschland

Evamaria Müller (Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Popular Historical Cultures in Indonesia: Current References to the Past in the Context of Democratisation and Decentralisation

Lukas Maximilian Müller (International Politics)

Dissertation Project: Whose Policy? The Policy processes of ASEAN and ECOWAS and the impact of EU capacity building

Melanie V. Nertz (Social and Cultural Anthropology)

The Knowledge of the "West" in Contemporary Indonesia: Anthropological Research in Rural and Urban Spaces on Java and Sulawesi

Cilia Neumann (History)

The Dilemma of China's Dryland Agriculture in Inner Mongolia: Economic Growth, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainability - the Difficulty to Develop Envrionmental Awareness and Pro-Environmental Behavior

Panji Anugrah Permana (International Relations)

The Rise of Oligarchy in Contemporary Indonesia: Case Studies of Local Governor Elections in North Sumatra and East Java in 2008

Bambang Sjahrir Putra (Economics)

Decentralization and Public Service Delivery in Indonesia

Shenghui Qi (Max-Plank Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law)

Death Penalty and the Public Opinion in China

Kristin Reiße (Psychology)

Do we think we're all affected by climate change in the same way? Comparing laypeople's subjective perceptions and emotions concerning global and regional climate change in China, India, Brazil, the USA, and Germany.

Elisabeth Schleep (China Studies)

Autobiographical Representations of Childhood in the People’s Republic of China

Jing Wang (Max-Plank Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law)

Die Bedeutung der Vermögensverfügung für das Verhältnis von Diebstahl und Betrug – Eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung des deutschen, chinesischen und japanischen Rechts

Yifu Wang (History)

Into the Northwest: Society, economy and environment in the Hetao Area (1820-1949)

Anne-Kathrin Weber (International Politics)

Dissertation Project: A new role for business? Exploring corporate forest governance beyond carbon markets

York Wiese (History)

The Chinese Civil War in Thailand (1945-1956)

Zishi Zhou (Max-Plank Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law)

Geschichte, Status quo und Ausblick des Sexualstrafrechts

Yukun Zong (Max-Plank Institut for Foreign and International Criminal Law)

Beweisverwertungsverbote im Strafverfahren. Eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung im chinesischen, deutschen und US-amerikanischen Strafrecht


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